With expectations low, Chargers have high hopes they’ll answer big questions at camp

Chargers remain optimistic about answering key questions at camp despite low expectations Coach Jim Harbaugh is leading the Chargers in a new direction after a string of disappointing seasons. Despite low expectations, the team is feeling confident heading into training camp. With a focus on developing young talent and improving key areas like the offensive … Read more

Jim Harbaugh can’t stop giving salutes to QB Justin Herbert at Camp Pendleton

Jim Harbaugh Continuously Shows Support for QB Justin Herbert with Salutes at Camp Pendleton Chargers coach Jim Harbaugh understands why quarterback Justin Herbert does not enjoy wearing the “protective” gold jersey. Herbert has excelled on the field but has never stood out quite like he does wearing the different colored jersey. Despite this, Harbaugh insists … Read more

Why Davis believes Harbaugh can spark 49ers-like turnaround in LA

Davis has faith in Harbaugh’s ability to ignite a transformation akin to the 49ers in LA Former 49ers tight end Vernon Davis believes that new Los Angeles Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh can spark a turnaround for the team similar to what he did with the San Francisco 49ers in 2011. Davis praised Harbaugh’s leadership … Read more