With expectations low, Chargers have high hopes they’ll answer big questions at camp

Chargers remain optimistic about answering key questions at camp despite low expectations Coach Jim Harbaugh is leading the Chargers in a new direction after a string of disappointing seasons. Despite low expectations, the team is feeling confident heading into training camp. With a focus on developing young talent and improving key areas like the offensive … Read more

Caleb Williams, Most Likely to Succeed? NFC North high school superlatives

Is Caleb Williams the Future Star of the NFC North High School Class? Carmen Vitali, NFC North reporter, has compiled a list of superlatives for the teams in the division applying high school yearbook titles to NFL players. Quarterback Caleb Williams of the Chicago Bears is most likely to succeed with a strong team and … Read more

Tom Brady explains the high bar he’ll set for himself as a broadcaster

Tom Brady outlines the lofty expectations he has for himself in his new broadcasting role Tom Brady is joining Fox as a broadcaster this fall, and he discussed his approach to his new role on Colin Cowherd’s show. Brady emphasized that he wants to give fans the best experience and evaluate his performance based on … Read more