Super Bowl champion discusses what Jim Harbaugh brings to Chargers

Super Bowl champion shares insights on Jim Harbaugh’s impact on the Chargers Retired tight end Vernon Davis believes that former San Francisco 49ers and current Los Angeles Chargers coach Jim Harbaugh can turn the Chargers into championship contenders with his leadership. Davis praised Harbaugh’s ability to rally players around him and hold them accountable, pointing … Read more

Why Davis believes Harbaugh can spark 49ers-like turnaround in LA

Davis has faith in Harbaugh’s ability to ignite a transformation akin to the 49ers in LA Former 49ers tight end Vernon Davis believes that new Los Angeles Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh can spark a turnaround for the team similar to what he did with the San Francisco 49ers in 2011. Davis praised Harbaugh’s leadership … Read more

John Harbaugh reveals update on RB Keaton Mitchell’s ACL recovery and timeline

John Harbaugh shares latest news on RB Keaton Mitchell’s ACL recovery progress and expected return date. Keaton Mitchell, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, is recovering from a torn ACL and is progressing ahead of schedule. Despite going undrafted, Mitchell had a standout rookie year before his injury. He provided a dynamic element to … Read more