How reported Lawrence Jags deal could impact Purdy 49ers extension

“Purdy’s potential 49ers extension could be influenced by Lawrence Jags deal” The Jacksonville Jaguars’ reported deal with quarterback Trevor Lawrence for a five-year, $275 million extension with $200 million guaranteed has increased the cost of extending 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy. Purdy was previously expected to receive a contract in the $40 million per year range, … Read more

Why Warner believes new 49ers DC Sorensen was ‘born’ for role

Warner explains why he thinks new 49ers DC Sorensen was destined for the role As the 49ers prepare for the 2024 NFL season, Fred Warner praised new defensive coordinator Nick Sorensen and assistant head coach Brandon Staley. Warner believes Sorensen was “born” for the role due to his leadership, energy, and preparedness. Staley, known for … Read more

Among 8 NFL head coaches with new teams, what are odds of someone going one-and-done?

What is the likelihood of one of the 8 NFL head coaches with new teams going one-and-done? Attention has shifted to the upcoming NFL season after the offseason. Seven coaches have been fired after one season since 2018. New head coaches face potential challenges, with factors like ownership changes affecting their job security. Quinn of … Read more