Justin Jefferson’s $35 million yearly Vikings salary is going break every NFL pay scale but the QB spot

Justin Jefferson’s $35 million annual salary with the Vikings set to revolutionize NFL pay scales, surpassing even quarterback salaries The NFL’s salary landscape for non-quarterback players has been shaken up by blockbuster contracts in recent years. Players like Ndamukong Suh, Kirk Cousins, Tyreek Hill, and Aaron Rodgers have set new standards with multi-million dollar deals … Read more

What drives 49ers RB coach Turner’s passion after 52 years in football

What fuels Coach Turner’s passion for football after 52 years in the game as the 49ers RB coach? Bobby Turner, the 49ers’ running backs coach, has an enduring passion for football that has driven him for 52 years. He is known for his thorough approach to evaluating running back prospects before the draft. Turner emphasizes … Read more

Among 8 NFL head coaches with new teams, what are odds of someone going one-and-done?

What is the likelihood of one of the 8 NFL head coaches with new teams going one-and-done? Attention has shifted to the upcoming NFL season after the offseason. Seven coaches have been fired after one season since 2018. New head coaches face potential challenges, with factors like ownership changes affecting their job security. Quinn of … Read more