Repeat offender Falcons get less punishment than 49ers for clerical salary-cap error

Falcons receive lighter punishment than 49ers for salary-cap error due to repeat offenses The article discusses the discrepancy in punishments handed out by the NFL for various rule violations. The Falcons have received lenient penalties for cheating scandals, including using fake crowd noise and tampering with player contracts, while the 49ers were harshly punished for … Read more

Justin Jefferson’s $35 million yearly Vikings salary is going break every NFL pay scale but the QB spot

Justin Jefferson’s $35 million annual salary with the Vikings set to revolutionize NFL pay scales, surpassing even quarterback salaries The NFL’s salary landscape for non-quarterback players has been shaken up by blockbuster contracts in recent years. Players like Ndamukong Suh, Kirk Cousins, Tyreek Hill, and Aaron Rodgers have set new standards with multi-million dollar deals … Read more

Kirk “Super Dad” Cousins bringing the Falcons together

Kirk Cousins: The Heroic Father Figure Uniting the Falcons Yahoo Sports writer Jay Busbee discusses how Kirk Cousins is bringing a strong fatherly presence, dubbed “Super Dad”, to the Atlanta Falcons offseason workout program. Despite not sharing the same interests or references as his younger teammates, Cousins is uniting the team like a family by … Read more