A vulnerable Cowboys team could finally make the NFC East competitive, top-to-bottom

The NFC East could become competitive if the vulnerable Cowboys team steps up Over the past few years, the NFC East has been dominated by the Cowboys and Eagles, but this season, the Giants and Commanders have a chance to make some progress in the division. The Cowboys, despite having a strong quarterback in Dak … Read more

Justin Jefferson’s $35 million yearly Vikings salary is going break every NFL pay scale but the QB spot

Justin Jefferson’s $35 million annual salary with the Vikings set to revolutionize NFL pay scales, surpassing even quarterback salaries The NFL’s salary landscape for non-quarterback players has been shaken up by blockbuster contracts in recent years. Players like Ndamukong Suh, Kirk Cousins, Tyreek Hill, and Aaron Rodgers have set new standards with multi-million dollar deals … Read more

Mike McCarthy: Trey Lance is close to being a master of the Cowboys’ system

Mike McCarthy believes Trey Lance is nearing mastery of Cowboys’ system Trey Lance was drafted by the 49ers as the third overall pick after limited experience at North Dakota State. He was then traded to the Cowboys after only four games with the 49ers. Despite not playing in his first year with the Cowboys, coach … Read more