Dissecting Joe Burrow’s 18-game proposal + Can Bears win NFC North? | Zero Blitz

Analyzing Joe Burrow’s 18-game suggestion and debating the Bears’ chances in the NFC North | Zero Blitz On Zero Blitz, Jason Fitz and Charles McDonald discuss Dak Prescott’s contract negotiations with the Cowboys and Joe Burrow’s proposal for an 18-game schedule. They debate if Prescott will stay with the Cowboys beyond 2024 and share predictions … Read more

Insider hints when NFL could shift to 18-game regular season

Inside information on potential shift to 18-game NFL regular season NFL insider Albert Breer believes that the NFL could transition to an 18-game season as soon as 2025, with the league planning to act sooner rather than later. The potential change would involve decreasing the number of preseason games, with Commissioner Roger Goodell expressing support … Read more

Colts NFLPA rep sends warning to Roger Goodell about 18-game schedule

Colts NFLPA representative issues caution to Roger Goodell regarding proposed 18-game schedule There is speculation that the NFL may pursue an 18-game schedule, with Commissioner Roger Goodell suggesting a reduction in preseason games. However, Colts center Ryan Kelly, representing the NFLPA, believes Goodell is out of touch with the physical toll of playing 18 games. … Read more