Super Bowl could be headed for Nashville: Roger Goodell leaves door wide open for game to land in Music City

Possibility of Super Bowl in Nashville increases: Roger Goodell suggests Music City as potential host site The NFL could potentially award Nashville a Super Bowl once the city completes its new $2.1 billion stadium project. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell expressed interest in the city hosting the game during a recent visit, citing the passion of … Read more

Roger Goodell discusses factors for possible 18-game NFL season

Roger Goodell analyzes determinants for potential 18-game NFL season NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed a positive outlook on the possibility of expanding the regular season to 18 games per team. Goodell emphasized the importance of maintaining player safety while considering this change and highlighted potential trade-offs like reducing the number of preseason games. However, any … Read more

Roger Goodell clarifies his comments on NFL expanding to 18-game schedule — and whether a change is imminent

Roger Goodell explains his remarks on potential NFL expansion to an 18-game schedule and addresses the possibility of any impending changes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has sparked conversations about expanding the league to an 18-game regular season while reducing the preseason to two games. Goodell emphasized the need for quality over quantity, suggesting that an … Read more