Colts NFLPA rep sends warning to Roger Goodell about 18-game schedule

Colts NFLPA representative issues caution to Roger Goodell regarding proposed 18-game schedule There is speculation that the NFL may pursue an 18-game schedule, with Commissioner Roger Goodell suggesting a reduction in preseason games. However, Colts center Ryan Kelly, representing the NFLPA, believes Goodell is out of touch with the physical toll of playing 18 games. … Read more

Bears veteran shares warning for Caleb Williams ahead of NFL Draft

Veteran Bears player offers cautionary advice to Caleb Williams in anticipation of NFL Draft Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson warned USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams to stay humble and leave the “Hollywood stuff” behind when entering the NFL. Johnson emphasized the importance of proving oneself and earning respect from teammates who have played at a … Read more

Mac Jones’ spiral should serve as a warning for Patriots’ new regime

The Patriots’ new regime should take heed of Mac Jones’ spiral Mac Jones and the New England Patriots are parting ways after one season of working together. Jones, now 25, is being traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Patriots are set to draft a new quarterback this year. Despite the initial success of Jones in … Read more