How a Thunder championship could turn a $100 parlay into $1.7M — if the bettor keeps his ticket

If the bettor holds onto his ticket, a Thunder championship could transform a $100 bet into $1.7 million Wayne Shelton, a single father and owner of a real estate appraisal business, placed a $100 parlay bet on the Texas Rangers, Kansas City Chiefs, and Oklahoma City Thunder to win their respective championships, with a potential … Read more

Sunday Ticket litigation feature new fight over application of attorney-client privilege

New Legal Dispute Arises in Sunday Ticket Litigation: Attorney-Client Privilege at the Center The attorney-client privilege is a legal tool used to protect certain information in litigation, with the potential for abuse due to its power. In the Sunday Ticket antitrust class action lawsuit set for June 2024, the plaintiffs allege the NFL is hiding … Read more

Super Bowl ticket prices in Las Vegas could surge to record-breaking average of $12,700 if early demand holds – Yahoo Sports

Las Vegas Super Bowl Ticket Prices May Reach Record-Breaking Average of $12,700, Yahoo Sports Reports The NFL awarded a Super Bowl to Las Vegas in 2021, sparking excitement among ticket brokers. With the Las Vegas Raiders drawing high prices for home games, the first Super Bowl in Vegas was expected to be a ticket frenzy, … Read more