Why a new CBA could lead to NFL-union deal on 18th game: Making case for getting it done sooner than later

The Case for a New CBA: Could it Lead to an NFL-Union Deal on an 18th Game Sooner Rather than Later? The NFL is moving towards an 18-game season, with various negotiations and discussions surrounding the potential changes. The league and players are considering a new deal that could bring an 18-game season earlier than … Read more

NFL international expansion: League considering game in Middle East in addition to Australia, per report

NFL International Expansion: League Considering Holding Games in Middle East and Australia, According to Report The NFL is planning to expand its international presence beyond traditional locations like London. With the ability to schedule up to eight international regular season games per season starting in 2025, the league is considering new countries like Australia, Japan, … Read more

Cowboys seeing early action as FOX’s America’s Game of the Week headliner

Early Action for Cowboys as FOX’s America’s Game of the Week Headliner FOX Sports Betting Analyst Patrick Everson discusses the upcoming Week 7 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. The Super Bowl rematch is already generating a lot of interest from bettors, with the 49ers opening as 2.5-point favorites. Analysts … Read more