2024 NFL season: 100 things to know with 100 days until Week 1 kickoff; key games, stories, odds, predictions

“Countdown to Kickoff: 100 Must-Know Facts for the 2024 NFL Season, Including Key Games, Stories, Odds, and Predictions” The 2024 NFL season is just 100 days away, with key facts, figures, and odds for fans to know. The season kicks off on Sept. 5 with the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Baltimore Ravens. The Chiefs … Read more

NFL owners approve massive revamp to kickoff

NFL owners greenlight substantial kickoff overhaul NFL owners have approved a revamp of the kickoff play, adopting a format from the XFL in an effort to make the play more exciting and reduce concussions. The new rules will see the majority of the players on the kicking and return teams lined up farther downfield, with … Read more

College football will be watching NFL’s new kickoff rule closely

College football will closely monitor the NFL’s new kickoff rule. The NFL approved a new kickoff rule that aims to make the game safer. The rule is a tweaked version of the XFL’s kickoff, with the kicker starting from his own 35-yard line and the receiving team’s blockers on their 35-yard line. The kick must … Read more