Reforming the draft to The Larry David Rule: NFL changes we’d like to see

Changing the NFL Draft to “The Larry David Rule”: Proposed Reforms in the NFL The NFL approved a new kickoff rule, similar to that of the XFL, which will make the kickoff more like a traditional football play. This change aims to increase action, reduce injuries, and bring back excitement to the return game. The … Read more

College football will be watching NFL’s new kickoff rule closely

College football will closely monitor the NFL’s new kickoff rule. The NFL approved a new kickoff rule that aims to make the game safer. The rule is a tweaked version of the XFL’s kickoff, with the kicker starting from his own 35-yard line and the receiving team’s blockers on their 35-yard line. The kick must … Read more

NFL owners approve three rule changes, including hip-drop tackle ban

NFL owners have approved three rule changes, including a ban on the hip-drop tackle. NFL owners approved three rule changes, including banning the hip-drop tackle, due to its high injury risk. Players will face a 15-yard penalty for using this technique. The league cited multiple examples of the hip-drop tackle, leading to injuries last season. … Read more