Cowboys news: Brandin Cooks takes to the air in his spare time

Brandin Cooks of the Cowboys enjoys flying in his free time Brandin Cooks of the Dallas Cowboys has a unique hobby of piloting planes, earning his private pilot’s license in 2021. He recalls his childhood trainers comparing his speed to airplanes, and his love for flying started when Jimmy Graham took him up in a … Read more

7 Ravens Named to CBS Top 100 NFL Players List

Seven Ravens Selected for CBS’s Top 100 NFL Players List Despite turnover, the Baltimore Ravens still have a talented roster, with seven players making CBS Sports’ Top 100 list for 2024. Lamar Jackson is ranked 16th, an improvement from last year. Safety Kyle Hamilton jumped from unranked to 36th and linebacker Roquan Smith from 76th … Read more

We now know the Cowboys report date for training camp in Oxnard

The Cowboys’ Training Camp Report Date in Oxnard has Been Revealed The Dallas Cowboys have announced their official report dates for training camp in Oxnard, California, with rookies and veterans scheduled to arrive on July 24th. This marks the start of activities at training camp, which is set to last a full month. The state … Read more