NFL Week 9 picks: Can Cowboys stop Eagles? Will Chiefs bounce back against Dolphins?

Predictions for Week 9 of NFL: Can the Cowboys halt the Eagles’ momentum? Will the Chiefs rebound against the Dolphins? The article provides predictions and analysis for upcoming NFL matchups. The author, Sam Farmer, provides insights into each game and predicts the final score for each matchup. The article also includes information on the point … Read more

Curran: Wins “are everywhere” if Patriots stop beating themselves

Curran discusses abundance of wins if Patriots focus on self-improvement instead of self-sabotage Tom E. Curran believes that the New England Patriots have many winnable games on their schedule if they can eliminate costly mistakes. He suggests that the team needs to play like the successful Bill Belichick teams of the past. Curran points out … Read more

Broncos’ Sean Payton told Russell Wilson to ‘f—ing stop kissing all the babies’

Broncos’ Sean Payton Advises Russell Wilson to Limit Public Affections with Babies According to ESPN, NFL coach Sean Payton is using a visual aid to motivate his team and move on from their poor 2022 season. He showed a video of a 2022 Ford Bronco driving off a cliff to symbolize leaving the past behind. … Read more