LOOK: Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes lets Logan Paul use his Super Bowl rings as a weapon on WWE Raw

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes allows Logan Paul to wield his Super Bowl rings as a weapon on WWE Raw Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made a surprise appearance on WWE Raw in Kansas City. Logan Paul, the United States champion, tried to use Mahomes’ Super Bowl rings as brass knuckles, but accidentally hit JD McDonagh … Read more

Let’s try and consider some weird options

Consider Some Unusual Options: A New Approach The Dallas Cowboys are considering extending the contract of their quarterback Dak Prescott, especially with the announcement that coach Mike McCarthy will return for another season. Keeping McCarthy could be a pro-Prescott move, as he got the best performance out of Prescott last season. However, Prescott has a … Read more

‘He lets Travis be who he is’: How Chiefs coach Andy Reid unlocked Travis Kelce

‘Chief’s Coach Andy Reid Empowers Travis Kelce to Be Himself: Unleashing His Potential’ Andy Reid met Travis Kelce for the first time while he was still playing for the University of Cincinnati. Despite Travis’ cocky and undisciplined attitude, they have built a successful 11-year partnership. Under Reid’s mentoring, Kelce has become one of the greatest … Read more