Justin Jefferson’s $35 million yearly Vikings salary is going break every NFL pay scale but the QB spot

Justin Jefferson’s $35 million annual salary with the Vikings set to revolutionize NFL pay scales, surpassing even quarterback salaries The NFL’s salary landscape for non-quarterback players has been shaken up by blockbuster contracts in recent years. Players like Ndamukong Suh, Kirk Cousins, Tyreek Hill, and Aaron Rodgers have set new standards with multi-million dollar deals … Read more

Why Bears believe Caleb Williams is ‘suited’ to thrive in ‘Hard Knocks’ spotlight

Why Bears are Confident Caleb Williams will Excel in the ‘Hard Knocks’ Spotlight The Chicago Bears are set to be featured on the TV show “Hard Knocks” during training camp, a spotlight that rookie quarterback Caleb Williams will need to navigate. Despite the potential distractions, head coach Matt Eberflus believes Williams is well-equipped to handle … Read more