Kansas bill to lure Chiefs, Royals doesn’t see vote

Kansas legislature fails to vote on bill aimed at attracting Chiefs and Royals. Some Kansas lawmakers proposed a plan to lure the Chiefs and Royals across state lines by financing new stadiums with $1 billion in bonds. Concerns over the appearance of corporate welfare and lack of tax cuts led to the proposal stalling. Lawmakers … Read more

Khakis, Captain Comeback and 225-pound bench presses: The lure of playing for Jim Harbaugh

The draw of playing for Jim Harbaugh: Khakis, Captain Comeback, and 225-pound bench presses University of Iowa and told Patterson, “You are Shea f—ing Patterson. You are the best quarterback in this conference, there’s no question about it.” Harbaugh’s confidence in Patterson reignited the quarterback’s belief in himself, and he went on to lead Michigan … Read more