Kansas bill to lure Chiefs, Royals doesn’t see vote

Kansas legislature fails to vote on bill aimed at attracting Chiefs and Royals. Some Kansas lawmakers proposed a plan to lure the Chiefs and Royals across state lines by financing new stadiums with $1 billion in bonds. Concerns over the appearance of corporate welfare and lack of tax cuts led to the proposal stalling. Lawmakers … Read more

Voters reject stadium tax for Royals and Chiefs

Voters decline funding for new stadiums for Kansas City franchises, Royals and Chiefs Residents of Jackson County, Missouri rejected a sales tax measure that would have funded a new ballpark for the Royals and major renovations to Arrowhead Stadium. The initiative failed with over 58% of voters against the plan. The Royals and Chiefs had … Read more

Chiefs envision playing at Arrowhead Stadium ‘another 25 years,’ waiting on Royals’ decision before they act

If the Kansas City Chiefs have it their way, the franchise would prefer to renovate and upgrade Arrowhead Stadium. Of course, that’s contingent on another professional sports franchise in Kansas City.  The Kansas City Royals are co-tenants with the Chiefs in the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex, and could be leaving for a new location … Read more