Could Chiefs move to Kansas? State takes step toward trying to lure team away from neighboring Missouri

Is Kansas Trying to Lure the Chiefs Away from Missouri with Incentives? Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly signed legislation to help the Kansas City Chiefs and MLB’s Kansas City Royals finance new stadiums in Kansas. The Chiefs had plans to renovate Arrowhead Stadium, but with voters in Jackson County, Missouri rejecting a sales tax for renovations, … Read more

State of the QB position in 2024: Five trends to know, including historic youth movement, richer deals

The Current Landscape of Quarterback Position in 2024: Five Key Trends to Be Aware Of, Including a Notable Surge in Young Talent and Lucrative Contracts The quarterback position in sports is currently experiencing a shift with the most volatile, highest-paid, injury-prone, youngest, and talented quarterbacks in NFL history. Trends show that teams are becoming more … Read more

Patriots see Caedan Wallace moving from Penn State right tackle to NFL left tackle

Caedan Wallace transitioning from Penn State right tackle to NFL left tackle impresses Patriots Rookie offensive tackle Caedan Wallace faces the challenge of earning the starting left tackle position in New England, having primarily played right tackle at Penn State. Wallace is expected to shift to the left side while incumbent right tackle Mike Onwenwu … Read more