In Roob’s Observations: What do Eagles have to do in 2024 to save Nick Sirianni’s job?

Roob’s Observations: How Eagles can Rescue Nick Sirianni’s Job in 2024 In Roob’s Observations, the focus is on what Eagles coach Nick Sirianni needs to do in 2024 to save his job. If the team doesn’t win a playoff game, he may be out. The article also delves into various topics like Jake Elliott’s kicking … Read more

Steve McNair was murdered 15 years ago today

It has been 15 years since Steve McNair was murdered Former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was tragically killed 15 years ago, with his death attributed to a murder-suicide involving his 20-year-old girlfriend, Jenny Kazemi. However, doubts remained over the official explanation, with suspicions of a possible double murder. McNair, a highly respected player, spent 13 … Read more

In Roob’s Eagles Observations: The real issue with Jalen Hurts isn’t leadership

Roob’s Eagles Observations: Jalen Hurts’ leadership is not the real issue In Roob’s Eagles Observations, it is noted that the real issue with Jalen Hurts is not his leadership, as he has shown success in the past. A remarkable stat from the 2017 Super Bowl run is highlighted, as well as the future of Eagles … Read more