Sauce Gardner believes former Jets teammate Mecole Hardman ‘never earned his stripes’

Sauce Gardner claims Mecole Hardman never proved his worth as a Jets teammate Former Jets player Mecole Hardman criticized the team’s culture and dysfunction, leading to backlash from his former teammates, including cornerback Sauce Gardner. Gardner defended the Jets and explained that Hardman didn’t fit in because he never earned his stripes and didn’t understand … Read more

Jets reportedly believe Mecole Hardman leaked game plans vs. Eagles, Chiefs

The Jets suspect that Mecole Hardman leaked game plans against the Eagles and Chiefs Mecole Hardman denied allegations of leaking game plans to opponents during his time with the New York Jets. He had criticized the Jets in a podcast but backtracked after his comments were transcribed. Hardman was accused of leaking game plans to … Read more

Chiefs’ Mecole Hardman reflects on failed Jets tenure

Mecole Hardman of the Chiefs looks back on his disappointing time with the Jets Mecole Hardman, a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, reflects on his experience with the New York Jets before getting traded. He struggled to make an impact with the Jets, feeling that they did not utilize him properly. Despite the … Read more