Armstead felt ‘extremely disrespected’ by 49ers’ final contract offer

Armstead was deeply offended by 49ers’ last contract proposal Arik Armstead expressed feeling disrespected by the 49ers’ final contract offer, which prompted him to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The offer was a one-year deal for $6 million, prompting Armstead to question his own value. Despite his respect for the organization, Armstead decided to move … Read more

Final report cards for Ravens 2023 rookie class: Zay Flowers exceeded expectations, Keaton Mitchell electrifies

Ravens 2023 Rookie Class: Zay Flowers Exceeds Expectations, Keaton Mitchell Electrifies on Final Report Cards The Baltimore Ravens had a successful 2023 season despite falling short of the Super Bowl. While their rookie class wasn’t as strong as the year before, some players made meaningful contributions. Wide receiver Zay Flowers had an outstanding first year, … Read more

Pro Bowl Games: Sunday’s flag football, skills, final results

Sunday’s Pro Bowl Games: Flag Football, Skills Events, and Final Scores The NFC leads the AFC 12-9 going into the final day of the Pro Bowl Games in Orlando, Florida. The main event is a flag football matchup, but there are also other events such as a full-field obstacle race, a tug-of-war, and a strength-and-speed … Read more