Dalton Schultz was eager to re-sign with Texans to keep playing with C.J. Stroud

Dalton Schultz excited to stay with Texans and continue playing alongside C.J. Stroud Houston Texans tight end Dalton Schultz decided to re-sign with the team this week instead of waiting for free agency, citing his strong connection with quarterback C.J. Stroud as the main reason. Schultz signed a one-year deal with the Texans last year … Read more

Dalton Schultz had some words to offer about the Dallas Cowboys locker room culture being focused on their brand

Dalton Schultz Shares Insights on Dallas Cowboys’ Brand-Centric Locker Room Culture During the offseason, there has been discussion about the culture of the Dallas Cowboys, with some criticizing the focus on branding and off-the-field activities. Former Cowboys player Dalton Schultz highlighted the differences between playing for the Cowboys and the Houston Texans, noting the distractions … Read more

Miles Sanders calls Andy Dalton a ‘future Hall of Famer’

Miles Sanders is a very good teammate. The new Carolina Panthers running back hopped on Thursday’s episode of WFNZ’s Mac & Bone. When asked by host Chris McClain how good he thinks the team can be right off the bat, Sanders said it’s all a matter of putting their talent together. “I believe we could … Read more