CMC hilariously responds to Newton’s lack of wedding invite claim

CMC mocks Newton’s complaint about not receiving wedding invite Christian McCaffrey recently got married and former teammate Cam Newton jokingly claimed he did not receive an invite to the wedding. McCaffrey responded humorously on Instagram, mentioning that he hasn’t received a text back from Newton in four years. The two engaged in a playful exchange … Read more

Eagles’ A.J. Brown asks NFL wide receivers to get together in offseason and Tyreek Hill responds

A.J. Brown of the Eagles urges NFL wide receivers to unite in offseason, prompting response from Tyreek Hill During the NFL offseason, players are busy preparing for the upcoming season. Some players meet up with their quarterbacks, while others collaborate with teammates. The Tight End University, founded by George Kittle, Travis Kelce, and Greg Olsen, … Read more

Tom Brady responds to Caleb Williams’ aim for 8 Super Bowls in his NFL career

Tom Brady reacts to Caleb Williams’ goal of winning 8 Super Bowls in the NFL Bears rookie QB Caleb Williams aims to surpass Tom Brady’s legacy of seven Super Bowl wins by winning eight himself. Brady responded positively, encouraging Williams to set high goals and work hard to achieve them. Williams, despite being a rookie, … Read more