Drew Bledsoe shares thoughts on having legacy tied to Tom Brady

Drew Bledsoe reflects on his legacy being connected to Tom Brady Former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe has no hard feelings towards Bill Belichick or Tom Brady despite being benched for Brady in 2001. Bledsoe feels his legacy has been overshadowed by Brady’s success. He reflected on his career and Super Bowl loss, and his experience … Read more

Tom Brady explains the high bar he’ll set for himself as a broadcaster

Tom Brady outlines the lofty expectations he has for himself in his new broadcasting role Tom Brady is joining Fox as a broadcaster this fall, and he discussed his approach to his new role on Colin Cowherd’s show. Brady emphasized that he wants to give fans the best experience and evaluate his performance based on … Read more

Fox colleagues discuss how Tom Brady will perform as an announcer

Fox co-workers evaluate Tom Brady’s potential as an announcer Erin Andrews and other media personalities believe Tom Brady will excel as Fox’s lead in-game NFL analyst based on his storytelling and inside information about his career. Brady signed a 10-year, $375M deal with Fox before retiring in 2023 and will replace Greg Olsen. Some owners … Read more