Browns DC Jim Schwartz discusses moving on from Texans loss

Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz of the Browns reflects on bouncing back after tough loss against Texans The Cleveland Browns had a strong defense going into the postseason, but suffered a humiliating loss to the Houston Texans. Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz acknowledged that the team needs to work on being less aggressive and chasing plays. Despite … Read more

Ravens aren’t dwelling on AFC championship loss but are still using it as motivation

Ravens remain resilient following AFC championship loss, drawing inspiration for future challenges Despite a strong season and playoff run, the Baltimore Ravens fell short in the AFC Championship game. The loss still weighs heavily on the players, motivating them for the upcoming season. Lamar Jackson and Kyle Hamilton emphasize the importance of learning from the … Read more

Nine things we can’t wait for next NFL season, Lamar’s weight loss, possible 18th game | Zero Blitz

Anticipating the upcoming NFL season: Exciting prospects including Lamar’s weight loss and the potential addition of an 18th game | Zero Blitz Jason Fitz, Charles Robinson, and Frank Schwab discuss 100 days until the 2024 NFL season kickoff on Zero Blitz podcast. Topics include Jim Harbaugh’s return to the NFL, Russell Wilson-Justin Fields quarterback competition … Read more