NFL owners approve massive revamp to kickoff

NFL owners greenlight substantial kickoff overhaul NFL owners have approved a revamp of the kickoff play, adopting a format from the XFL in an effort to make the play more exciting and reduce concussions. The new rules will see the majority of the players on the kicking and return teams lined up farther downfield, with … Read more

NFL owners approve three rule changes, including hip-drop tackle ban

NFL owners have approved three rule changes, including a ban on the hip-drop tackle. NFL owners approved three rule changes, including banning the hip-drop tackle, due to its high injury risk. Players will face a 15-yard penalty for using this technique. The league cited multiple examples of the hip-drop tackle, leading to injuries last season. … Read more

NFL owners approve $6.05B sale of Commanders

John Keim, ESPN Staff WriterJul 20, 2023, 04:52 PM ET Close John Keim covers the Washington Commanders for ESPN. He joined ESPN in 2013 after a stint with the Washington Post. He started covering the team in 1994 for the Journal Newspapers and later for the Washington Examiner. He has authored/co-authored four books. You can … Read more