What did Eagles ultimately receive in Carson Wentz trade from 2021? Cooper DeJean pick completes massive haul

“Breaking down the Eagles’ haul in the 2021 Carson Wentz trade: Cooper DeJean pick seals deal” The Philadelphia Eagles made a significant move by trading Carson Wentz, a franchise quarterback, to the Indianapolis Colts, setting the organization on a new path. The trade allowed them to acquire draft picks and players, including star wide receiver … Read more

NFL owners approve massive revamp to kickoff

NFL owners greenlight substantial kickoff overhaul NFL owners have approved a revamp of the kickoff play, adopting a format from the XFL in an effort to make the play more exciting and reduce concussions. The new rules will see the majority of the players on the kicking and return teams lined up farther downfield, with … Read more

Will Panthers’ massive defensive overhaul help their rebuild?

Can Panthers’ extensive defensive changes aid in their rebuilding efforts? The Carolina Panthers had a major overhaul of their defense in the first week of free agency, with at least six starters and key players departing. Despite their struggles last season, the Panthers made significant changes to their defense, with four of the top six … Read more