NFC East news: Eagles’ receivers happy with new offensive system under Kellen Moore

Eagles’ receivers pleased with new offensive system led by Kellen Moore in NFC East The Philadelphia Eagles are excited about the new offense being implemented by Kellen Moore, which includes more motion and freedom for wide receivers. The change was necessary as the Eagles had the lowest percentage of plays with a player in motion … Read more

Dallas Cowboys and the Cooper Rush conundrum

The Dallas Cowboys’ Dilemma: What to Do About Cooper Rush The Dallas Cowboys face a dilemma with Cooper Rush as Dak Prescott is firmly the starting quarterback and they need to assess Trey Lance. Rush has been a reliable backup to Prescott but may struggle to find playing time. Lance’s potential as a quarterback prospect … Read more

Cowboys news: Inside the Dallas practice with Dak Prescott trash-talking

Dallas Cowboys Practice Recap: Dak Prescott Engages in Trash Talk The Dallas Cowboys’ minicamp showed intense competitiveness and trash-talking from quarterback Dak Prescott. Marist Liufau impressed with his ability and football IQ while fitting in with the team. Prescott reached out to CeeDee Lamb after news of Justin Jefferson’s massive contract extension. Ezekiel Elliott is … Read more