Barnwell suggests how 49ers could use Eagles’ model to pay stars

Barnwell proposes strategy for 49ers to follow Eagles’ model in compensating top players Barnwell suggests that the 49ers should follow the Philadelphia Eagles’ model of paying star players in order to retain their talented roster. The Eagles are set to pay a record cost for their offensive players in the 2024 season, but still have … Read more

J.J. Watt suggests reducing offensive holding from 10 yards to five yards

J.J. Watt proposes reducing offensive holding penalty from 10 yards to five yards Former NFL player J.J. Watt suggested that reducing the holding penalty from 10 yards to 5 yards would lead to more fair and realistic calls. However, the real issue may be that officials are hesitant to call holding to allow offenses to … Read more

NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith suggests Rooney Rule alternative

While the NFL’s Rooney Rule was presumably created with good intentions, many have been critical of the policy and its actual effectiveness in providing opportunities for minority candidates to land front office or head coaching positions. While DeMaurice Smith’s 14-year run as executive director of the NFL Players’ Association ends this month, he’s among those … Read more