Barnwell suggests how 49ers could use Eagles’ model to pay stars

Barnwell proposes strategy for 49ers to follow Eagles’ model in compensating top players Barnwell suggests that the 49ers should follow the Philadelphia Eagles’ model of paying star players in order to retain their talented roster. The Eagles are set to pay a record cost for their offensive players in the 2024 season, but still have … Read more

ESPN awards 49ers favorable offseason grade for roster continuity

ESPN gives 49ers positive offseason grade for maintaining roster continuity The 49ers received a favorable offseason grade from ESPN for their roster continuity after retaining most of their NFC Championship-winning team. Analyst Seth Walder gave the team a “B” grade, praising their decision to keep star wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk amid contract negotiations. He questioned … Read more

According to ESPN, Dak Prescott is the priority among Dallas Cowboys extension candidates

ESPN prioritizes Dak Prescott among Dallas Cowboys extension candidates The Dallas Cowboys are reportedly shifting their focus towards reaching a contract extension with quarterback Dak Prescott over linebacker Micah Parsons and wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. This change in priority contradicts previous reports, but reflects the current market conditions in the NFL. While extending Prescott may … Read more