Justin Jefferson’s $35 million yearly Vikings salary is going break every NFL pay scale but the QB spot

Justin Jefferson’s $35 million annual salary with the Vikings set to revolutionize NFL pay scales, surpassing even quarterback salaries The NFL’s salary landscape for non-quarterback players has been shaken up by blockbuster contracts in recent years. Players like Ndamukong Suh, Kirk Cousins, Tyreek Hill, and Aaron Rodgers have set new standards with multi-million dollar deals … Read more

Texans wideout Tank Dell posts videos of himself running routes weeks after gunshot injury

Texans receiver Tank Dell shares footage of his route-running recovery following gunshot injury The Houston Texans had a successful season with star rookies C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson leading the team. Tank Dell, a third-round pick, emerged as one of Stroud’s top targets before getting injured. Dell sustained a minor injury in a shooting incident … Read more

NFC East news: Washington wideout feels he’s on a new team; Giants’ top pick may not be enough

News in the NFC East: Washington wide receiver believes he is on a different team; Giants’ top selection may fall short The Washington Commanders wide receiver Jahan Dotson feels like he has a fresh start with the team following a disappointing 2023 season. Despite his struggles, the Commanders are optimistic about his future with a … Read more