Wacky Nickelodeon Super Bowl stream scored with viewers

Nickelodeon’s Quirky Super Bowl Stream Captures Viewers’ Attention The Super Bowl broadcast on CBS and its subsidiaries reached a record 123.4 million viewers, with more than a million watching on Nickelodeon. This unusual broadcast featured SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, set in Bikini Bottom. The Nickelodeon stream averaged between 1.2-1.75 million viewers, boosting the kids … Read more

Bengals end 2023 season in wacky way in ESPN simulation

Bengals’ 2023 Season Comes to an Unconventional Close in ESPN Simulation ESPN recently ran a simulation of the 2023 NFL season and predicted a tough year for the Cincinnati Bengals. In the simulation, the Bengals were swept by the Baltimore Ravens, only making it to the wild card round where they once again lost to … Read more