Wacky Nickelodeon Super Bowl stream scored with viewers

Nickelodeon’s Quirky Super Bowl Stream Captures Viewers’ Attention The Super Bowl broadcast on CBS and its subsidiaries reached a record 123.4 million viewers, with more than a million watching on Nickelodeon. This unusual broadcast featured SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, set in Bikini Bottom. The Nickelodeon stream averaged between 1.2-1.75 million viewers, boosting the kids … Read more

Super Bowl LVIII was most-watched TV program ever, averaging 123.4m viewers

Super Bowl LVIII Breaks Records with 123.4 Million Viewers, Becomes Most-Watched TV Program in History The longest Super Bowl game in history, Kansas City’s 25-22 victory over San Francisco, was also the most-watched program in television history. The game was watched by an average of 123.4 million viewers across television and streaming platforms, a 7% … Read more

CBS Hits Super Bowl Record 123.4 Million Viewers on OT Heroics

CBS Breaks Super Bowl Viewing Record with 123.4 Million Viewers Tuning in for Overtime Excitement The Super Bowl LVI between the 49ers and the Chiefs was a historic event as it was only the second Super Bowl to be decided in overtime in 58 years. The game averaged 123.4 million viewers, setting a new ratings … Read more