The Dallas Cowboys officially have a UDFA class

The Dallas Cowboys Confirm their UDFA Class The Dallas Cowboys have finalized their undrafted free agency class following the 2024 NFL Draft. With 12 UDFAs, including players like RB Nathaniel Peat, WR Cam Johnson, and TE Brevyn Spann-Ford, the majority are on the defensive side of the ball. It is common for at least one … Read more

How T.O. plans on helping son Terique stand out as 49ers UDFA

T.O.’s strategy for elevating son Terique as a standout 49ers UDFA Terrell Owens plans to help his son Terique stand out as a UDFA for the 49ers. Terique has physical attributes that give him an advantage, including size, strength, and speed. With Terrell’s guidance, Terique is focusing on improving his route running and understanding of … Read more

From UDFA to All-Pro, how this last-minute trade keeps showing up in Super Bowls to taunt the Cowboys

The Last-Minute Trade that Continues to Haunt the Cowboys in Super Bowls: From UDFA to All-Pro The Dallas Cowboys had a strong trio of cornerbacks in 2023, including former undrafted free agent Charvarius Ward. However, due to a surplus of cornerbacks, the Cowboys traded Ward for interior offensive line help. Unfortunately, the player they acquired, … Read more