How T.O. plans on helping son Terique stand out as 49ers UDFA

T.O.’s strategy for elevating son Terique as a standout 49ers UDFA Terrell Owens plans to help his son Terique stand out as a UDFA for the 49ers. Terique has physical attributes that give him an advantage, including size, strength, and speed. With Terrell’s guidance, Terique is focusing on improving his route running and understanding of … Read more

Jim Harbaugh calls Justin Herbert ‘crown jewel’ of NFL, will be tasked with helping him realize that potential – Yahoo Sports

“Jim Harbaugh Praises Justin Herbert as NFL’s ‘Crown Jewel’, Aims to Fulfill His Potential” – Yahoo Sports Jim Harbaugh, former NFL player and current head coach at the University of Michigan, has high praise for Justin Herbert, quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers, calling him the “crown jewel” of the NFL. Harbaugh believes that Herbert … Read more

Stephon Gilmore’s offseason soccer training is helping him play young again

Stephon Gilmore’s Offseason Soccer Training Is Revitalizing His Performance on the Field Dallas Cowboys veteran cornerback Stephon Gilmore, aged 33, is determined to play at a high level by learning from a soccer coach in England. Despite the differences between soccer and American football, the explosive movements and agility required for both sports are similar. … Read more