Cowboys news: Inside the Dallas practice with Dak Prescott trash-talking

Dallas Cowboys Practice Recap: Dak Prescott Engages in Trash Talk The Dallas Cowboys’ minicamp showed intense competitiveness and trash-talking from quarterback Dak Prescott. Marist Liufau impressed with his ability and football IQ while fitting in with the team. Prescott reached out to CeeDee Lamb after news of Justin Jefferson’s massive contract extension. Ezekiel Elliott is … Read more

A.J. Brown reveals trash talk from Eagles’ rookie, why comments were important for him and the locker room

A.J. Brown Opens Up About Trash Talk from Eagles’ Rookie and Why It Matters to Him and the Team Quinyon Mitchell, a first-round rookie for the Philadelphia Eagles, is known for his quiet demeanor on and off the field. However, he surprised teammates by trash talking A.J. Brown during a practice, showing confidence in his … Read more

2024 Super Bowl: 49ers’ Nick Bosa starts Super Bowl trash talk, takes shot at members of Chiefs offensive line

Nick Bosa of the 49ers kicks off Super Bowl trash talk in 2024, directed at Chiefs’ offensive line. Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers took a shot at Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive linemen Donovan Smith and Jawaan Taylor, saying they “hold, a lot.” This has sparked some controversy and may not sit well with … Read more