Dan Campbell's late game timeout hurt Lions more than passing on two field goals | What's Wright?

Was Dan Campbell’s late game timeout more detrimental to the Lions than not taking two field goals? Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell controversially went for it on fourth down instead of kicking two field goals in the NFC Championship Game, ultimately leading to a 34-31 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. This decision, along … Read more

Shane Steichen defends late timeout: “Wanted to see the look”

Shane Steichen explains late timeout: “Wanted to assess the situation” Colts coach Shane Steichen used a crucial timeout before a failed fourth-and-1 late in the fourth quarter of their season-ending loss. The decision was questioned by many and was seen as a wasted opportunity in a critical moment of the game. This lapse in decision-making … Read more

Sean Payton says he made a “boneheaded mistake” calling timeout forgetting what down it was

Sean Payton admits to making a costly error by calling timeout without remembering the current down Broncos coach Sean Payton admitted to making a significant mistake during the team’s loss to the Chiefs. Payton called a timeout before a punt, thinking it was third down and wanting to call another offensive play. However, it was … Read more