Aiyuk defends Purdy amid criticism with matter-of-fact response – Yahoo Sports

Aiyuk stands up for Purdy in the face of criticism with a straightforward response – Yahoo Sports Aiyuk has defended Purdy in the face of criticism with a straight-forward response. In the midst of the controversy, Aiyuk has spoken up in support of Purdy, offering a matter-of-fact defense against the criticism. This response has come … Read more

Arthur Blank defends decision not to pursue Lamar Jackson

Arthur Blank explains his decision not to pursue Lamar Jackson The Falcons are reflecting on their lost season and considering whether pursuing Lamar Jackson last year could have made a difference. Owner Arthur Blank said that they did not have the cap space to pursue Jackson, and also mentioned concerns about injuries. The decision not … Read more

Shane Steichen defends late timeout: “Wanted to see the look”

Shane Steichen explains late timeout: “Wanted to assess the situation” Colts coach Shane Steichen used a crucial timeout before a failed fourth-and-1 late in the fourth quarter of their season-ending loss. The decision was questioned by many and was seen as a wasted opportunity in a critical moment of the game. This lapse in decision-making … Read more