Grades for 2024 NFL head coaching hires: Chargers get ‘A’ for Jim Harbaugh swing, Panthers bank on upside

2024 NFL Head Coaching Hires: Chargers Earn ‘A’ Grade for Jim Harbaugh Hire, Panthers Take a Gamble on Potential Upside As the NFL playoffs approach, teams are making important coaching hires, including well-known names like Jim Harbaugh and less established coaches like Dave Canales and Jerod Mayo. The success of these hires is hard to … Read more

Ex-NFL star pleads for Chiefs to swing DeAndre Hopkins trade at all costs

Former NFL star urges Chiefs to prioritize DeAndre Hopkins trade regardless of the cost. The Kansas City Chiefs have a wide receiver problem and former Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant believes they should trade for DeAndre Hopkins of the Tennessee Titans. Hopkins had a strong performance against the Atlanta Falcons, with four receptions for 128 … Read more

NFL trade deadline possibles: new receivers in KC and Belichick’s big swing

Possible NFL Trade Deadline Moves: Chiefs Eye New Receivers, Belichick Aims for a Big Swing The number of trades in the NFL has been increasing as teams look to hoard draft picks and cap space to reboot in the offseason or make a playoff push. Teams in contention are now more willing to bring in … Read more