Packers CEO Mark Murphy addresses massive Sunday Ticket verdict

“Packers CEO Mark Murphy Discusses Landmark Sunday Ticket Verdict” Packers CEO Mark Murphy expressed disappointment in the $4.7 billion verdict against the NFL in the Sunday Ticket class action, stating that they will appeal the decision. While most team owners have stayed silent on the issue, Murphy addressed it in a column, sparking discussion among … Read more

Sunday Ticket price gouging also impacted those who couldn’t afford to buy it

The impact of Sunday Ticket price gouging on lower-income individuals Many media outlets have failed to adequately cover the Sunday Ticket trial, its impact, and the verdict that may result in the NFL paying over $14 billion to consumers who were overcharged for the service. The reality is that for 30 years, the NFL has … Read more

For the first time ever, businesses will be able to stream Sunday Ticket

Businesses can now stream Sunday Ticket for the first time ever The NFL is facing decisions in the wake of a multi-billion-dollar verdict in the Sunday Ticket case. The out-of-market game package will now be available for bars and restaurants via streaming, in addition to satellite dish. EverPass Media’s acquisition of UPshow will allow businesses … Read more