Watch: Al Michaels took funny shot at Astros over cheating scandal during ‘TNF’ game

Al Michaels Makes Cheeky Comment About Astros Cheating Scandal During ‘TNF’ Game During the Week 17 “Thursday Night Football” game between the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets, the commentator Al Michaels made a joke about the Houston Astros. He mentioned the loud banging at Cleveland Browns Stadium and jokingly suggested that it was the … Read more

Brett Favre will not be removed from civil lawsuit stemming from Mississippi welfare funds misuse scandal

Getty Images The Mississippi Supreme Court has decided Brett Favre will not be removed as a defendant in a civil lawsuit over misspent welfare money in what has become the largest corruption case in state history. Favre has been linked to the welfare scandal involving the misappropriation of roughly $77 million that was supposed to … Read more

Michael Vick shares admission about dogfighting scandal

Michael Vick reveals shocking admission regarding dogfighting scandal Retired quarterback Michael Vick expressed regret over not having a strong mentor figure in his life during the infamous dogfighting scandal that led to his career being derailed for two years. Vick admitted that he wished someone had warned him about the consequences of his actions. He … Read more