Wes Welker explains why he didn’t attend Tom Brady’s roast, was ‘disappointed’ in his former teammate’s event

Wes Welker Reveals Disappointment in Missing Tom Brady’s Roast Wes Welker, a former wide receiver who played with Tom Brady for the New England Patriots, did not attend Brady’s roast due to not wanting to hear potential jokes made at his expense. Despite catching 34 touchdowns from Brady, he was not asked to be a … Read more

Ex-Pats reveal Belichick-Kraft ‘tension’ at roast

Former Patriots players expose tension between Belichick and Kraft during roast Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft were part of a roast for Tom Brady, with some awkward moments offstage according to former players Julian Edelman and Drew Bledsoe. The tension between Belichick and Kraft was evident in the green room before the event, but they … Read more

Julian Edelman, Drew Bledsoe recount tension when Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft met before Tom Brady roast

Julian Edelman and Drew Bledsoe recall the tense meeting between Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft before Tom Brady’s roast During Tom Brady’s roast, host Kevin Hart arranged a meeting between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and former coach Bill Belichick, where they shared shots. Before the roast, tensions were apparent as Kraft arrived in the green … Read more