Eagles RB says divide between front office, locker room led to team’s collapse

Eagles’ Running Back Attributes Team’s Collapse to Division between Front Office and Locker Room The Philadelphia Eagles lost six of their last seven games last season, with running back Kenneth Gainwell pointing to a lack of connection between the front office and the players in the locker room as a key issue. Gainwell emphasized the … Read more

4 reasons why Cowboys front office is spot on for their standoffish approach to free agency

“Why the Cowboys Front Office’s Approach to Free Agency is Justified: 4 Key Reasons” The Dallas Cowboys have been quiet in free agency, which is consistent with their usual approach. The team focuses on retaining their own talent and believes that investing in free agents is risky. They have All-Pro talent at key positions and … Read more

When will the Bears trade Justin Fields? Here’s a potential strategy for the front office

Potential Front Office Strategy for Trading Justin Fields: When Will the Bears Pull the Trigger? The Bears are considering trading Justin Fields but have not found a suitable destination yet. Potential starting spots have been filled by other quarterbacks, leaving limited options for Fields. The Steelers could be a good fit as a backup for … Read more