Why hasn’t Cardinals’ Marvin Harrison Jr. signed the NFLPA’s licensing agreement? Here’s what we know

Here’s What We Know about Cardinals’ Marvin Harrison Jr.’s Decision Not to Sign NFLPA’s Licensing Agreement Josh Weinfuss from ESPN covers the Arizona Cardinals and NFL. Marvin Harrison Jr., drafted at No. 4, hasn’t signed the NFLPA group licensing agreement, preventing fans from buying his jerseys or playing Madden with him. The GLA allows the … Read more

League shrugs at NFLPA’s resistance to hip-drop ban

League indifferent to NFLPA’s pushback against hip-drop ban The NFL is looking to ban the hip-drop tackle, which has a higher risk of causing injury to players. Despite opposition from the Players Association, the league is determined to remove this risky technique to prioritize player safety. The NFL believes in player-driven decision-making and is committed … Read more

Chiefs graded as one of worst franchises in NFLPA’s 2024 report card

Chiefs ranked among NFL’s lowest-performing franchises in 2024 report card by NFLPA The Kansas City Chiefs, despite being a top NFL team, received poor ratings in the 2024 NFL Players Association report card. They ranked 31st overall, dropping in five out of eight categories, including last in training staff grading. Players expressed dissatisfaction with the … Read more