Steelers’ Art Rooney II discredits NFLPA report card after poor marks, prefers direct feedback from players

Steelers’ Art Rooney II rejects NFLPA report card, values direct player feedback over rankings The NFL Players Association released their annual report cards ranking teams on various aspects like facilities, food, family care, coaching, and ownership. The report is based on feedback from 1,706 players, with the Steelers owner dismissing the results. Pittsburgh Steelers received … Read more

How 49ers emphasized stability with DC hire while also adding a wild card

49ers prioritize stability in new DC hire while injecting unpredictability After parting ways with defensive coordinator Steve Wilks, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan promoted Nick Sorensen to fill the role. Shanahan also brought on Brandon Staley as an assistant head coach, adding his expertise in the 3-4 defensive system. Sorensen, with experience in … Read more

Chiefs graded as one of worst franchises in NFLPA’s 2024 report card

Chiefs ranked among NFL’s lowest-performing franchises in 2024 report card by NFLPA The Kansas City Chiefs, despite being a top NFL team, received poor ratings in the 2024 NFL Players Association report card. They ranked 31st overall, dropping in five out of eight categories, including last in training staff grading. Players expressed dissatisfaction with the … Read more