Mike McDaniel has perfect response for reporter questioning Tua’s success with Dolphins: ‘Who the F cares?’

‘Mike McDaniel’s Unapologetic Retort to Reporter Doubting Tua’s Success with Dolphins: ‘Why Does it Matter?” Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has been receiving praise for his success this season, but some believe it is due to the system created by Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel. When asked about this, McDaniel passionately defended Tagovailoa, emphasizing the importance … Read more

Mike McDaniel on Dolphins’ offense: I’ve never seen anyone do what our guys do

Mike McDaniel Applauds Unparalleled Skills of Dolphins’ Offensive Players Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has been putting up impressive numbers this season, leading some to question whether it’s him or the team’s offensive scheme and talent that is driving their success. When asked about this, Coach Mike McDaniel responded passionately, emphasizing that it is a … Read more

Mike McDaniel explains why Dolphins chose not to tie NFL scoring record

Mike McDaniel sheds light on Dolphins’ decision to forgo NFL scoring record In a game between the Miami Dolphins and the Denver Broncos, the Dolphins had the opportunity to tie the NFL record for points in a single game. However, with less than a minute remaining in the fourth quarter, instead of attempting a field … Read more