Donte Jackson says his hitting makes him perfect for the Steelers and the AFC North

Donte Jackson believes his hitting prowess makes him a perfect fit for the Steelers and the AFC North After being traded from the Panthers to the Steelers, cornerback Donte Jackson is thrilled to join a team that appreciates his skills. Despite his size, Jackson is confident in his ability to tackle and make plays on … Read more

Rookie DT Michael Hall Jr. could be perfect fit for Browns’ defense

Browns’ defense may have found the perfect match in Rookie DT Michael Hall Jr. The Cleveland Browns did not have a first-round pick in the 2024 NFL draft but selected Ohio State defensive tackle Michael Hall Jr. in the second round, believing he has the skills to make an impact. Hall is seen as a … Read more

The best NFL comps of the 2024 draft class: We asked 14 experts for perfect matches on top prospects

We consulted with 14 experts to find the top NFL comparisons for the 2024 draft class’ best prospects With the 2024 NFL draft approaching, there are comparisons being made between prospects and past NFL stars based on style of play, physical measurements, production, versatility, and more. NFL analysts have suggested various prospect-player comparisons for this … Read more